Magical Effects of Wallpapering

York-Wallcoverings-Elements-Kindle-WallpaperMore and more families have chosen Wallpaper, Wallpaper Home improvement Commonly used in decorative ways, in fact, may well make up for wallpaper tiling Home Defects, but also can decorate your small home has really serve two purposes, the following method to teach you how to make up at home with wallpaper Paving enough?? Modified fragmented space Wallpaper in the shop, we may encounter some problems, such as Continental have abandoned old house fireplace, or embedded wardrobe, this time the wall will be cut off of the wall tiling wallpaper hard to ensure the integrity of. Wallpaper combination could be considered at this time paving the way to the wall using wallpaper waist line defects such as modified. Wallpaper combined paving the way for forced partition wall, complete the same wall for?? Divided walls covered with the most suitable for strong vertical color stripe wallpaper, decoration and color continued to gather together the fragmented space. Attention to the wall to avoid the use of large patterns on wallpaper tiling, wallpaper patterns as if cut off, make room for even more irregular. Great tread pattern can shop in the area of large wall, so to avoid the room look too empty, the other hand, solid or pattern is suitable for small pieces of wallpaper paving a small space. Second, you can also choose the same color in different patterns of wallpaper, or wallpaper pattern wallpaper and solid combinations, adding distinctive style wallpaper waist, apply to any space. If you experience old-fashioned fireplace, you can use the splint will be closed after the wallpaper furnace, waistline can make art frame effect, which will be mosaic wallpaper, wallpaper with a neo-classical style with artistic carving patterns ingenuity. Mix paving large space Large open space for easy look deserted, modified approach is close to the wall with the other space, wallpaper tiling or more thick colorful wallpaper. Large patterns on wallpaper can dominate here, with a full brilliant, the atmosphere of decorative effect. Mix paving is also safer more traditional way is to choose a wallpaper pattern after, and then select a solid color wallpaper the same color combination as the dado tiling, waist and baseboard with the choice of consistent with the style wallpaper pattern. Free space for creative color High requirements of some of the color space, such as children’s room, to the visual and psychological development of children requires more soft wall colors, rich and colorful children can be special pattern wallpaper and soft combination of pure color wallpaper shop paste. Strong vertical stripe wallpaper color can easily fragmented space of the zero for the whole, because the strong color enhances the visual continuity of the vertical pattern is to ensure the pattern will not be cut off. Second, in a single solid color wallpaper wall tiling, as reinforced single-wall visual effects, Contrast and the paving is not an extension of the wall sense of wallpaper to the small space can act as a “release” effect. Note that the choice of colors as far as possible, “Shen” some, but it should also pay attention to other software installed with the coordination of colors.